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The Reckoning

  • W Hotel Union Square, 201 Park Avenue South, NYC (map)

When Beyoncé sings “Girls run the world!” we all throw our hands in the air, but the truth is, men run the world…for now. Getting to a place where women truly lead will require a reckoning—of each woman with herself.

In this highly introspective 90-minute journey, you will start to see your place in the world in a whole new way—and come face-to-face with your own power to shape it.

Sexism is Not a Stumbling Block

Too many of us get stuck in our anger or fear about what we see as unfair, rather than just maneuvering past it. Too much brilliant female energy is spent fighting gender battles, when transcending them is possible. Come and learn how it’s done.

What Does it Mean to Be Powerful?

Are you embracing your power or giving it away? Are you aggravated by sexist treatment, or do you neutralize it on the spot? Do you stand for your principles in every moment, or does a fear of confrontation sometimes get in the way? Learning how to be powerful is what The Reckoning is about.  

Freeing the You that You Know is There

When we talk about “women changing the world,” we aren’t talking about some magical band of women floating down from the sky.  We’re talking about you. You are going to change the world—your world—by being your fullest, freest, most powerful you in each moment.

The Reckoning